Context-awareness in Consumer IoT Technologies (CACT)

Exploring how IoT-based context information can benefit meaningful designs for consumers.
Keywords: context-awareness, consumer technology, emergent design, collaborative research

Cooperative, Self-aware and Intelligent Surveillance Systems (CoSIS)

Exploring the design of intelligent distributed systems with multiple sensors and multiple services.
Keywords: context-awareness, distributed intelligent systems and sensors

Emergent Configurations of Connected Systems (ECOS)

Designing for users to manage situations where devices connect to each other.
Keywords: interaction design principles, information models, self-adaptive techniques

Fair Data – Sjyst data!

Responsible use of personal data.
Keywords: privacy, data, innovation

Intelligent Support for Privacy Management in Smart Homes (iSMASH)

Designing security and privacy for smart living in connected homes.
Keywords: decision-making processes, security and privacy models

Interaction in the Smart Home: A Prototype-driven Approach (ISHPA)

Exploring the future of IoT-based domestic computing through a user-centred approach.
Keywords: interaction design, prototyping, smart homes 

IOTAP Research Profile

Building a world-class research environment focusing on the Internet of Things and its human users.
Keywords: computer science, interaction design, co-production, applied research 

Completed projects

AppSam – A pre-study on IoT for dementia care

Professional and social support in dementia care.
Keywords: elderly care, IoT in healthcare

Consumer-oriented Internet of Things Products and Services

Mapping and predicting the potentials of consumer markets for Swedish actors in the field of IoT.
Keywords: business models, commercial potential, identifying problems

Data Innovation Arena

Using data to improve public transportation and other public sector services.
Keywords: open data, open innovation, prototyping


Minimizing food waste with dynamic shelf life.
Keywords: logistics, prediction models, sensors

Framtidens sport

Investigating how sports activities can be augmented through IoT.

Improving Search and Recommendation for E-commerce

Investigating ‘cold-start’ product-database search and recommendation.
Keywords: cold-start problems, dynamicity

Information-based Disturbance Management for Public Transport

Improving the ability to take action for users and planners of public transport.


Influencing European research policies on IoT.

Minimum Viable Device

A gateway between the Internet and Smart Things.
Keywords: hardware and software architecture, mobile health, transportation

Mobile Language Learning Tools for Supporting Asylum Seekers

Exploring how mobile applications can serve as a learning platform for individual language learning.
Keywords: mobile learning, refugees, integration

Mobile Services for Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Integrate existing building systems and other devices.
Keywords: open source, system architecture

Practice-based Experiential Learning Analytics Research and Support (PELARS)

How teachers, learners, and technologies can support one another in hands-on learning of STEM.
Keywords: analytics, learning, teaching

Smart Homes in an Intelligent Energy System (SHINE)

Smart homes and intelligent energy systems tied together.
Keywords: district heating, smart homes

Smart Public Environments

Making it easier for public organizations to adopt IoT technology.
Keywords: test arena, indoor and outdoor environments, lighting and air quality


Mobile positioning and data collection in healthcare.
Keywords: logistics, cold chain, patient flow

Transport Efficiency and Environmental Application Living Lab (EcoTELL)

A living lab for more sustainable and efficient transport of goods.
Keywords: automated data flows, logistics

Unlocking User Value in IoT (UseIT)

Exploring data collection techniques for continuous improvement on IoT products and services.
Keywords: continuous product improvement, software development, user behaviour and user feedback

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