Twelve considerations to make when designing for activity tracking

Many people use apps to track their everyday activities. These apps collect data about what we do, but they aren’t very intelligent when it comes to doing things with the data – or making recommendations of what we should do. In a recent paper, Fredrik Ohlin and Carl Magnus Olsson argue that if we want a richer understanding of the data, we need intelligent computing to be included in the systems that run the apps.

The standard activity-tracking apps present data in statistical form meant to be viewed after the activity has ended. But, what if these services could give […] Continue reading

New paper: Making hybrid materials palpable

The design materials of the Internet of Things are hybrid. Physical properties such as texture and weight are combined with digital properties including behaviour and responsivity. This ‘new’ material is a challenge for interaction designers.

In a recently published paper, Jonas Löwgren proposes a design strategy for designers working with hybrid materials: To build prototypes and do material experiments in a way that foregrounds immediate sensate feedback and externalizes responses that are normally not perceivable.

Löwgren writes:

It is quite common in interaction design theory to talk about design as a conversation with the situation […] Continue reading

IOTAP takes part in study on co-production in research

IOTAP is one of the research environments that take part in a project that looks at how Malmö University can better support collaboration with partners from outside the university.

It is often argued that higher education and research should be carried out in co-production (in Swedish, ’samverkan’) with external stakeholders in order for it to have an effect on society. How to initiate and execute co-production projects is, however, very different between academic disciplines. It also varies according to what types of external actors that take part and what incentives various stakeholders have.

The ‘research and co-production’ project aims to get […] Continue reading

On security and privacy in IoT environments

IoT systems generate massive volumes of data from a multitude of applications and sensors. Among the top barriers for realising the vision of IoT is enforcing security and guarding privacy in these systems.

Andreas Jacobsson’s conference talk from Øredev’s IoT Conference 2014 outlines some of the major challenges and opportunities related to privacy and security in IoT-based ecosystems. See video embedded below, or here on Vimeo.

The talk in short
Enforcing security and guarding privacy in cyber-physical systems that generate massive volumes of diverse, heterogeneous, complex, and distributed data […] Continue reading

The open source Elis platform is now released

A group of researchers and industry partners have for two years been working on a platform that enables you to integrate various technical systems used in buildings and homes. From ventilation and heating to home entertainment systems. This makes it easier for developers to create apps or other services. Malmö University researchers have been leading the work, and the platform is now released under an open-source license.

Integrating many systems into one ecosystem
Today, most buildings have technology that controls ventilation, heating and other systems that make a building energy efficient and comfortable to live in. Buildings, just like modern […] Continue reading

Five open positions at IOTAP

Update: thanks for your interest! Applications have now closed.

Two post-doc positions and three Ph.D. student positions in Interaction Design and Computer Science have been announced. The positions are part of the Internet of Things and People research profile, a seven-year project which is a collaboration between Malmö University and the following industrial partners: Axis Communications, CyberCom, Data Ductus, E.On, Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Technology, Sony Mobile, TerraNet, Verisure, Wireless Maingate and ÅF Technology.

Last date for applications is February 1, 2015.


Interaction Design – The research is oriented towards the design of tangible interaction and the design of products and […] Continue reading

Grant approved for project on IoT-based consumer products

Vinnova has approved a grant of 1,000,000 SEK for a pre-study on consumer products and services based on the Internet of Things. During the spring of 2015, a series of interviews and surveys will be carried out.

The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of the conditions and opportunities for Swedish industry and research in this area, which will be described in the final report in September 2015. The project is led by the Royal Institute of Technology and will in addition to the IoTaP research center involve researchers from Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and thirteen companies.

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PhD thesis on intelligent goods

On November 21 at 1 PM, Åse Jevinger will defend her Ph.D. thesis Toward Intelligent Goods: Characteristics, Architectures and Applications. Intelligent goods is an application of the Internet of Things that is aimed to support logistic processes. For more information, see the abstract below.

The public defence will take place in the ground-floor auditorium of Ubåtshallen, Östra Varvsgatan 11A, Malmö.

The opponent is Prof. Jens Schumacher from Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Austria.


Paul Davidsson

In the context of globalization, the requirements on transport logistics continuously rise. Often goods travel through many different countries, using several transport […] Continue reading

Successful kick-off launched the IOTAP research profile

About 40 people took part in the research profile kick-off on October 8, 2014.

– The day was valuable in several ways. The people that will be involved in the research profile was given the opportunity to get to know each other, but also to do some useful work in the afternoon sessions. I think both researchers and participants from the industry feel that this is just the start of something that can become very important, says Paul Davidsson, manager of the research profile.

iotap kickoff
The research profile is a 7-year project with a total […] Continue reading