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When submitting publications to MUEP, please mark them as IOTAP-affiliated in the “describe” part of the submission process, see image below.


Call for Papers in the science and technology fields

Double affiliation and acknowledgements for papers/articles

Researchers affiliated with IOTAP must use so-called double affiliation for publications that are connected to the research center. It should look something like this:

Jane Doe (1, 2)
1. Department of Computer Science, Malmö University, Sweden
2. Internet of Things and People Research Center, Malmö University, Sweden

If a publication is related to the KKS research profile, this should be mentioned in the Acknowledgements section, e.g. like this:

This work was partially financed by the Knowledge Foundation through the Internet of Things and People research profile.

You may also mention the companies/organizations that have been involved in the work, e.g.: ”we thank for contributing with …”

However, check with the company representatives before publishing so that they think it’s OK! In the case that a person at a company has made a significant contribution to the research results, you should consider the possibility of that person being a co-author.

If a publication is connected to the research center IOTAP, this option should be selected when submitting it to MUEP (see MUEP, IOTAP affiliation below)

Editoral guidelines for this website
Please, adhere to the editorial guidelines when publishing on

Email – distribution lists

Use to send emails to all IOTAP affiliated staff.

IoT events 2015
See “The 40 most important Internet of Things events in 2015“.

IoT Malmö
Internet of Things Malmö is A ‘meet-up’ group “for professionals, hobbyists, hackers and entrepreneurs interested in all things IoT and the surrounding ecosystem of devices, platforms, challenges, ethics, design and anything related thereof.”

MUEP, IOTAP affiliation
If your publication is connected (affiliated) to IOTAP, this option should be selected when submitting it to MUEP. This enables an automatically generated publication list for IOTAP and other research centers and platforms at Malmö University.

Open Access venues to avoid
The website Scholarly Open Access lists so-called predatory open-access journals and conferences that you should avoid.

Reference (link/bit) rot, how to avoid
Research shows that a very high percentage of scholarly articles that link to URIs suffer from reference rot, i.e., that outbound links no longer work or are inaccurate. To avoid this, link to archived versions of webpages etc. by using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Also consider the advice in the aforementioned research about including the URI of the original resource and the datetime of linking.

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