Academic Conferences & Workshops

These are upcoming academic conferences and workshops that IOTAP researchers are co-organizing.

The 19th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS 2018) – Stockholm, Sweden, July 13–14, 2018
The meeting of researchers from Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) engineering and the social/economic/organisational sciences is extensively recognised for its role in cross-fertilisation, and it has undoubtedly been an important source of inspiration for the body of knowledge that has been produced in the MAS area.

Second International Workshop on Engineering IoT Systems: Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms (IoT-ASAP 2018) – 30 April 2018
Co-located with IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA 2018) 
The IoT-ASAP 2018, bring together researchers and practitioners from several areas (e.g., Architecture, Internet of Things (IoT), Service-Oriented Computing, Self-Adaptive Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, User Interaction and Experience) to investigate and discuss state of the art, principles, challenges of, and (interdisciplinary) approaches for engineering IoT systems.

The 2nd International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces (PerLS 2018) – 19–23 March 2018
Co-located with PerCom 2018
The PerLS workshop brings together researchers, industry practitioners, and the community interested in pervasive computing for smart living spaces.

Universal Design for IOT Smart Health (UDISH 2017) – 18–20 September 2017
Co-located with ICTH 2017
With this call for papers, we would like to encourage researchers from the technology, healthcare, nursing, social services, and related areas to submit their work related to the universal design of smart health systems, particularly those that are built on an Internet of Things platform.

For conferences and workshops in the past, see the IOTAP Timeline.

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