Academic Conferences & Workshops

These are upcoming academic conferences and workshops that IOTAP researchers are co-organizing.

Workshop on the Application of Agents to Passenger Transport (TAAPT) – 21–23 Jun 2017
Co-located with PAAMS 2017
Agent technology is a promising approach for solving problems within the passenger transport domain, both from an operational and a long-term planning perspective. This workshop is a forum for discussions among researchers, focusing on different aspects of passenger transport, on how agent technology can be used to bring the domain forward.

15th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (PAAMS 2017) – 21–23 June 2017
PAAMS intends to bring together researchers and developers from industry and the academic world to report on the latest scientific and technical advances on the application of multi-agent systems, to discuss and debate the major issues, and to showcase the latest systems using agent based technology.

For conferences and workshops in the past, see the IOTAP Timeline.

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